absurd organic fooditems

i really cherrish organic food and i am mostly glad that it has been a growing trend! but when the big supermarkets jump on the bandwagon some absurd organic products will start to appear. in switzerland the two big supermarket chains, migros and coop, seem to try to outdo eachother with yet more stupid ideas of what else they could offer in their respective organic line.
natura plan…. boaahhhh

how about frozen organic croissants with hamfilling? coop!
or do you prefer organic canned ravioli? migros!
no wait! organic microwave lasagne is even more absurd! coop!
or frozen organic quiche with lard? coop!
organic beer is okay, but organic schnapps (kirsch) ??? coop again!

i mean i always thought, that to eat organic also had something to do with eating more wholesome and less prefab stuff.. no?

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