iPod frenzy is getting outta hand

two of the most overhyped tech inventions of recent years have joined efforts: smart releases a car with a built-in iPod.

iPod on four wheels: The first car with an integrated iPod — a dinky smart car — will go on sale in europe next month, according to tech digest. available for about $22,500, smart’s two-seater i-move features a 20-GB iPod and built-in charging cradle that hooks directly into the sound system. only 70 of the cars are available.”
at this hefty pricetag they could have at elast thrown in a 40 GB iPod, no?

[re: iPod hype: karl lagerfeld owns 40 of them… look at this image and tell me if you still think iPods are cool?]
[oh and i almost forgot the worst: the gucci iPod case… iPods are so over]
[both via cult of mac]

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