oh friends, things are depressing

the war is coming and it is oh so wrong.
the fossil fuel based old economy is on its way out and the good old boys, used to running things, seem more determined than ever to run the whole world down the drain along with them. this war has been planned for years, there is even a date set for it. i mean can you believe it?

me, i am getting old and ugly. my farts smell worse and worse. hair stops growing where it should, and seems to start growing anywhere else really. my projects are always nice ideas, but fail to attract the masses. the former moodlifting things have run out of steam: music fails to exite, gadgets do it for ever shorter times, shopping is boring and beautiful women don’t even tempt me no more.

—> blues @ pieceoplastic Hq.

i heard about these human shield guys, driving to iraq to protest the war. i was very tempted to go. is this it?

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