but uhm, what are the saying ….

file under “huh? wtf?”:
“look at the internet, mate. it’s all computers and screens” ::: peter andre @ popjustice

file under “good point well taken”:
“tony blair. he’s got great blowjob ears. you could grab on to them, and shove him down and keep him there for hours” ::: greg of fierce girl, when asked who his favorite politician was. [via the face]

file under “cute yet poignant”:
“when I was very little I wanted to be either a movie star or a rock star. i remember ‘making’ guitars and focusing mainly on how you needed to stand with your legs wide apart to play them. i couldn’t understand what the point of being a rock star was, unless you had your legs really far apart.” ::: erlend oye in a jockey slut interview

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