keith muenze whistles the hits

every once in a while an album reminds us of the glory that used to be, solidifies the beliefs that were beginning to fade, and brings back to life the mental garbage we once found so necessary, so real. keith muenze whistles the hits is an album that revitalizes our forgotten past.

keith muenze whistles: Iron Man – Black Sabbath . Yellow Submarine – The Beatles . Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana . Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple . Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison . Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffet . Thriller – Michael Jackson . We are the Champions – Queen . I Want to be Sedated – The Ramones . Rainbow Connection – Willie Nelson

is this?:
shit, shite, fuck, fucker, fart, fanny, pussy, bosums, breasts, cunt, stab, kill, murder, cnut, twat, arse, tit, prick, cock, willy, bum, butt, spunk, bite, nipple, bloody, bastard, virgin, wank, shag, nob, cum, vagina, jism, gizz, muff, penis, plums, beaver, minge, anus, whore, spunk, gonads, bollocks, clit, bitch, slag, slut, felch, dick, penis, poo, wee, crap, piss, minger, munter, pubic, pubes, crabs, genital, wart, herpes, doggy, blowjob, suck, cunnilingus, fellatio, wanker, gaylord, pimp, felcher, fudgepacker, anal, gash, japseye, slut, slapper, bitch, burp, hole, smegma, labia, sphincter, hooker, prostitute, homo, pimp, gay, dyke, laid, quim, discharge, cum, gimp, filthy, shitter, bone, pump, rump, Swinger, Virginity, Lick, Missionary, 69, Fock, horny, moist, fcuk, lesbian, lezzer, lezza, vash, orgasm, Rim, Sack, Flaps, Starfish, Tripod, Scrotum, Lettuce, Finger, Bugger, Rape, balls, Donkey, snatch, mott. gary glitter, ball bag, axe wound, Give me one, I had him, I’ve had him, I had her, I’ve had her, I’d do him, I’d do her, I’d do you, Swing both ways, Bats for the other side, I like it dirty, Gang bang, Wanna do it?, I’m no virgin, I’ve done it, Wanna be my first?, I’m wet, Make me wet, At it, From behind, Bend over, Trouser snake, Tea bag, verticle bacon sandwich, bum bandit, marmite driller, vagina decliner, main vein, golden shower, gang bang, john thomas, bell end, sausage jockey, dirty sanchez, spit roast, chutney ferret, hairy pie, blow job, pork sword.
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