swiss mentality in action onna freeway to hell

the avid readers of this blog (all three of you, har har) will know that pieceoplastic and the swiss mentality are not a match made in heaven. its usually quite easy to evade swiss mentaliy – just don’t turn on the tellie – but there are some places where one will still be confronted with it.
one such place is driving on a freeway.
so i just did!
drive on the freeway
creepy stuff.

only in switzerland you will see this: on a stretch where there is a speedlimitation some guy will go on the fast lane and drive exactly at the allowed speed, just as the guy next to him on the slow lane, somehow the always seem to find such a match, thus effectively building a mobile roadblock of sorts.
needless to say that the guy who did this today (in a long tunnel, i might add) was from zurich, where all the REALLY arrogant and self-rightous people in switzerland are from.

then i passed a truck owned by a company – now get this – J.Killer, who’s driver was called Hans.
arf arf.
some people call me J, get it? so the j. killer would be someone out to kill … i guess its clear now.
but i am glad to say: he missed!

then i passed a guy in big car with my little car and the guy with the big car would speed up, speed up until i had to fall behind and let him go.
needless to say that this guy was from fribourg, where all the REALLY stupid switzerland are from.

then i passed a truck who was spreading out salt, and i lost my vision. the salt somehow had clogged it all up. i had to use my window wipers with that uglyass fluid as a result of which the remaining snow on my car is now blue!

then a guy almost smashed into me.
needless to say that this guy was from st. gallen, where the EVEN MORE stupid people than the one’s from fribourg in switzerland are from.

as i said creepy stuff!
and i guess it did not help that i was listening to the mullholland drive soundtrack full blast….

and now off to berlin, really

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