jaded gloom

from a consumerist point of view i should be totally exited about the upcoming summer: fingathing just released a new record, chuck palahniuk is releasing two new books, stranger than fiction and nonfiction, alex garland his 3rd the coma, the euro 2004 in portugal will be on [and switzerland participating], a guy i know will open a new indian restaurant/take away called mahamaya in bern, something that has been lacking so very much in this town, and the river will be a great swim, as usual…
usually these kindsa things tend to exite me – at least a little. but not this year. i feel glooomy instead. jaded. and sooo tired… ugh
is this the so-called mid-life crisis?
can’t be, or can it? my life has been one big crisis all along, so how could there be a mid-life crisis…
i need a fresh new impulse, yup. so what will it be? what door will open for me? will happiness find me?
[oder: wenigstens der neue zueri west song gibt einem hoffnung…]

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