transmediale kickers 03 : vegfood utd. 1:1

i only need to say one thing to illustrate why yesterday the conference played better and equalised: i ate a salad, which, besides the rancid olives, had literaly no flavor whatsoever.

and: james der derian(us) did quote jogi bear [who’s real name of course is yogi berra, whoopsie] in his talk (he introduced him as ‘the great baseball player/philosopher’):

the future is not was it used to be.
it’s deja vu all over again.

now that’s my kind of poetry!

der derian also gave a very interesting talk about the fact, that military leaders have been useing computer games for training, in order to simulate wars before they take place. and his thesis was, that for them the boundries between game and reality are beginning to blur. he quoted rumsfeld, schwarzkopf, bush and it was striking how often they slipped and used gaming language or metaphors. in times, when we are getting ready for the next war/game on cnn, which has already been scheduled and, i am shure, simulated in computer games for us, his thesis had a frightening ring of truth to it.

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