andy kaufman returns from the dead

or actually, “he” claims, he never even went there. to the dead i mean…
this is sooo damn unbelievable. andy kaufmann faked his own death? oh man… the greatest comedian ever is alive and kicking?
if true this would go into history as the biggest media hoax ever. and even if its not true its quite a hoax.
at any rate, some quy claiming to be andy kaufmann started a blog a few days ago, in fact on monday 17. which would be exactly one day after the 20 year anniversary of andy’s death:
“hey everyone. greetings from planet earth. sorry about faking my death.[…] now for your obvious first question. “how can I know this is the real andy kaufman, and not some prankster punk kid?” well, all I can say is that definitive proof that i am the real andy kaufman will be forthcoming. for now, you’ll just have to trust me.”
[via thenowhere]

and we still wonder … does that make him a zombie then?
better keep watching banana and corn videos, i guess… [attention: 18+!!!]

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