modern day cruelties

to the 17 year old girl from indore, india, the girl who commits suicide after receiving a text message, a text message mistakingly informing her that she has failed her final exams – apparently a common mobilephone service in india, informing students of their exam results – to that girl we want to quote don delillo who asks: is cyberspace a thing within the world or is it the other way around? which contains the other, and how can we tell? and to that girl from indore, india, this quote won’t make the slightest arse of a difference, because she has decided one way, life has decided for her one way, the mobile phone company mistakingly informing her of her failure has decided for her one way, she is gone, eventhough she has passed the exams, in her reality space she has not, and virtually she failed, she is dead now and remains just a news item in cyberspace, sniffed out by searchbots over the next couple of months, popping up on a screen here and there, like that…
[quote from don delilllo: underworld which i am finally done reading woo!]

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