koolhaas rem: contentamo-oma, rem koolhaas &&&: content – taschen 3-8228-3070-4

the cover is actually what caught my attention. it looks like the latest issue of adbusters or summink. as it turns out the cover was actually done by kenneth tin-kin hung of 60× and, still one of our heroes!
but when you open the thing you first find adds for prada and gucci [huh?].
around page 7 or so one vectorgraphix comix character tells the other: “i’m not sure if this is a book or a magazine” [exactly what i wonder!] and the other answers: “actually, i find the tension between the two super-interesting” [errr, i am not sure yet…].
content looks and feels very hip, but is the super-busy, funky layout an appropriation of that style? i am starting to feel manipulated.
there’s loads of information here, but what is this about? i leaf thru “it” [magazine or book, please?] a few more times and i still don’t quite get it. on the publishers website it tells me: “content documents the past seven years of rem koolhaas and OMA-AMO’s work”. so wait, a guy famous for designing prada stores is adapting the adbusters/anti-globalisation aesthetic to represent his thoughts and work?
oh okay and fuck off!

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