highlitez & lowlifez berlin03

hookers: i walked around my neighborhood one night, on my way home from tacheles (centre for alternative culture) mind you, and i stumbeled right into the street where all the hookers were standing, shivering in the cold. after resisting their advances for awhile, i decided to stop and talk to one of them, interesting no?, and i can now safely say, the german drive for perfection is very much manifest in their prostitutes.
i think my mouth must have dropped open as this tall blonde ratteled down the catalogue of services that 70 euro would buy me: striptease, handjob, blowjob, erotic massage, intercourse, an alcoholic drink and the rent for the ‘zimmerchen’ included! it’s a miracle, that they not also offer to do your laundry and give you a pedicure while at it, i thought to myself as i walked away with a smile…
– the food at oren. i went there twice and it was good good good
peter greenaway starting his talk at transmediale by saying: cinema is dead – this happening one day before today the berlinale kicks off – and finshing with a snappy: eros and thanatos , what else is there to talk about?
[greenaway also pointed out, that to sit around in a dark room, not moving for hours, staring into one direction, is completely unnatural, which is exactly what i have been doing for the last 5 days… thank you]
the future is not what it used to be yeah yogi, but then the past somehow will never make my day either…
automatenbar with micromusic party – a match made in heaven
– starting delillo’s white noise in berlin. somehow odd yet sexy!
– touch down in snowy bern with aphex twin’s ptolemy on my clie-mp3player. pure bliss.

germans everywhere, but i guess that comes with travelling to germany… duh
brunch at my hotel consisting of smelly chickenwings, weird fish stuff thrown onto hardboiled eggs and sausage, sausage and more sausage….
*err* no thank you…
– being charged 40 euro, because i misunderstood the concept and forgot to stamp the pass – it already had a date on it! so why restamp it? – for which i had paid 22 euro. so i paid 62 euro for 5 days public transport, can you believe that? for that amount of money i could have taken a cab everywhere.
and then the control guy said: ‘oh you are swiss, you must have lots of money’. yeah right! ‘oh you are german,you must be a fucking nazi pig dickwit suckerass’.
– frozen dogshit disaster
– buro destruct/cue visuals (easy on the videoeffect and cheapo 3d anims, please) and ultrared (message-techno to have a good puke to) at club transmediale

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