raymi the rappah?

its usually fun to visit raymitheminx’, aka raymi the stinx, blog; there’s always a surprise in store.
[right now its that the latest css is practically unreadable, or who can read green on purple?]
well lately raymi has started to do audblogs where she plays some song with crappy audioquality in the background and sings over the top of it. and she can sing, man.
but we’re not so sure about her qualities as a rapper:

runDMC: its like that [wait till she burps!]
beastie boys: hey ladies [messing up “oh fuck, but you know the words, dont you?”]

now, i had to laugh, but i totally admire raymi for her courage and vulnerability. she is the female andy kaufmann of bloggers, always putting me on the spot.
[read: that’s raymi and raymi’s guide to being skinny if you should ever doubt the relevance of raymi’s contribution to the blogosphere]

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