yogurth bomb

yesterday i found out that, if you drop a yogurth like this one:
– and yes thats of course nut-flavored!!! as i only ever eat nut-flavored one’s – or orange-flavored – sometimes – but anyhow, so if you drop one of them nut-flavored yogurths while you’re walking up the stairs carrying the mail and the huge adbusters friends of the foundation package – which got here in the mail, wooo, but its a package which inandofitself weighs about 4 kilos! and i am kidding you not – so if you’re carrying all this in one hand and the yogurth sits there on top, nicely balanced, while with the other hand you start fumbling for your key in the bag, which hangs over your other shoulder, so if you then, ariving almost on the forth floor of your staircase, drop said yogurth, that yogurth will make sure to fly down, bouncing on at least three railings, to finally explode 3 floors down and splatter all over the walls and stairs with a very exiting *umpf* sort of *clunk* sound. and all this in slow-motion of course!
so if you do all this, not only will you know what sounds yogurths like these make when they explode, but you also will have no more yogurth to eat – unless of course you care to lick it off the walls and stairs and railings and windows down there – but you will also clean up yogurth for about a 1/2 hour.
but then, the next morning, when you walk down the stairs, the whole staircase will smell nicely of slighlty sour milk, and it will have been all worth it, just like that…

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