euro.04-voodoo .:. day 2

today is gonna win: ::::::::::::::::::::: today is gonna lose:
turkye errr switzerland ::::::::::::::::::: croatia
ingerland ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: france

switzerland croatia

what we also learned:
“od vas cemo napraviti cevapcici = “we will turn you into cevapcici” in croatian
to which we respond:
“mir mache us öich börek [oder evtl ou tsürrigschnätzlets, baseler mählsuppe und/odr fondue – je nachdäm wär dr offe macht] = “we will turn you into börek [or minced stew, soup or fondue – depending on who scores]” in swissgerman

[dedicated to simalaprima, who did a wicked job proofreading the swiss national team cookbook [no joke!] and who must own the source to panini stickers as far as i can tell… without you i could not have finished this year’s collection!]

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