huzaah! thee forum ov psychick blah!

oh my, she’s mighty back. a missie w. forum? you got it..
thee forum ov psychick blah!
there’s only one problem: i am a loser at forums i always miss the cool action… like, holy crap where is the action tho… so many themes to choose from i cant decide. i click around like a silly nutter and gets nowhere…

i also received wurzeltod newsletter issue II. and again, with an unsubscriber like this one who could resist:

“You received this magickal, robotick newsletter thingy because…

a) you subscribed to it.

b) you are my Papua New Guinean husband, flatmate, brother, best friend,
my imaginary auntie Berta, my lost siamese twin or the cool kid from
downstairs who just offered me free weed again (Thanks!).

c) you didn’t subscribe but I added you anyway, because I badly want
your tentacled cyclops babies.

d) you are Karol Wojtyla.”

eventho none of the above applies to me … [*sniffie* she did not list “because you smell and i had pitty with you”] … i gladly recieved it.

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