strindberg and *heeeeelium*

piece oho: howze the cold coming along? my mucus-discharge has changed back to a relatively healthy rancid-flakey green, after yesterdays fluorescent green lumps, bits and pieces…
miss w~t: uh , nice *drools*
piece oho: need more details?
miss w~t: yesyesyes! … and pictures… pleeeeeeeeease!
miss w~t: did you watch strindberg and “heeeeeeeelium”??
piece oho: yah that anim is hella cute. ah there are other episodes?
miss w~t: yep. goto: (i guess) they’re nominated for the sundance online award!
piece oho: they are the dogs!
miss w~t: …that’s just too much cuteness – makes me cry…
piece oho: and there are mascara streaks on your face ??? ohhhh *gasp*
*decayyyyyyyyyy* *decayyyyyyyyyyy* *heeeellllllllll*
piece oho: i have one wish! can you kisss me once with that plop sound like hellium does in the intro
miss w~t: hmmm *ploooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!* ????
piece oho: strindberg: the agony becomes intolerable
helium: (reproachful) for you!?
miss w~t: i voted 27 times for them on the sundance website…. gonna do 3 more now!
piece oho: cheater!
miss w~t: *pluuuuuuup!* *plooooooop!*
piece oho: so listen, i m gonna go have me some coffee.
but before i go I want to thank you for making this day necessary
miss w~t: ah. not der rede wert. and the same to you, in fact.

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