saturday morning musings

tourtiere de gascogne:
where was i?
what supreme display of ignorance made me only discover the tourtiere de gascogne a miserly 5 months ago?
why did i have to waste more than 40 precious years of my life without knowing this extraordinary enjoyment?

how very embarassing…

this is devine material! this is how foods should be combined. perfection onna plate. supreme niammieness…
leckerschlecker. merveilleux.

dave berry:
if you ever see me sitting in a cafe giggeling to myself – actually, sometimes almost in stitches with laughter – it must be saturday morning and i must be reading the dave berry column in the herald tribune
always makes my (satur)day!
i admit the sense of humour is cheap and somehow obvious, but the way he examines simple everyday things and turns them into hilarious tales and somehow puts ever more delirious spins to them is just great.
today: his daughter gets potty-training.

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