what most women don’t know…

dave berry on potty-training his daughter: ‘Our daughter now tells us when she has to use the potty. That’s the good news. The bad news is, she has the bladder of a gnat, which means we go to the potty a LOT. And sometimes we must use less-than-ideal facilities, especially when I’m the sole caretaker, meaning that I have to take my daughter into . . .


. . . men’s public restrooms (motto: “Men Aiming Badly”). I used to take my son into public restrooms, and it was no big deal, because boys can, well, you know what boys can do. But girls need a place to sit, and the typical men’s room has no surface I want my daughter to come into contact with, including the ceiling.’

yeah, it’s true: men’s public restrooms are filthy. but they are not only disgusting (and as I don’t wanna touch anything, I do like all the others and just go ahead and add to the general splatter), another thing lots of women don’t know about is the public masturbation thing.

you’ll walk into a public restroom, just wanting to take a leak, and there is a row of men standing there; as soon as you pass them, they will turn slightly and show you their erections. they are standing there for what seems like hours with a sheepish expression – explained by the fact that at this point all their blood is concentrated in the small head – and they are just stroking themselves, masturbating, waiting for someone to show their erections to, in that filthy room, splattered floor to ceiling, reeking, with that uv anti-junkie light … eeerie


i don’t know! i don’t understand it either

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