off 2 offf valencia .:. day 1


day 1: just got here, cranky, sweaty, confuseled. first impression is a bit tainted. its dark here. and theres no wifi. people lay around on the floors. the women are gorgeous. ¿but where is what? ¿and what is this? lets go have some tapas and wait what futurefarmers will have to say. ¿i already wonder, what will listening to designers speak about their work trigger? ¿whats the focus? ¿is this gonna turn into a collective backpatting session? i hate those… ¿wheres the friction gonna come from?
lets see how it goes… oh yes and we are in spain so the ¿-key is way up hirearchically.. ¿¿¿

curious to see offf the day: futurefarmers

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