off 2 offf valencia .:. day 2


day 2: valeeeeeeeencciaaaaa con tus flores und mujeres….
i have not seen many flowers yet, seems somehow too dry here, many women tho, niammie ones too, so the rumour has confirmed, valencia is rather nice. except in the hotel this morning the fire alarm went off at exactly 6:37. and it kept going for half an hour. so that sucked ass woke us up inna good mood. in fact the hotel stinks is not such a good idea with its walls made of paper. but right, i am avoiding the subject here. argh. the offf festival in valencia. so far offf has been one big dissapointment, i m afraid. location: way out from the center of valencia in some crapy run of the mill conference center in the middle of suburbian hell nowhere. the bus taking us there makes tons of illogical loops to get there. the hall where offf is held is kept completly dark and decorated like a cheesy lounge. toy cars and pink blowup mattresses are scattered around the floor. people smoke everywhere. there are some installations worth checking out, but the exhibit is not that well done.
in various “rooms” presentation and discussions are held. in others music and videos are shown. the problem is, these “rooms” have no ceilings. so if you try to listen to a presentation, you also hear the performance of some adventurous electronica outfit in the next “room” – the sound of blenders doing the nasty.
then the presentations. its brag brag brag so far. i did this, i did that. look at me, nerd-sexy mofo me. a playah. *yawn*
then ami fran..whateverhername from futurefarmers was suposed to speak. some nice shy woman announces *drumroll* the futurefarmers. but instead some guy from mediatemple speaks and lets us know just what a cool project mediatemple is and how they host the bestest stuff. like duh.
turns out ami, who is really smart and witty – have heard her speak at ars electronica a few years back – could not make it to valencia. some last minute thing. so instead we get mediatemple brag.
the logistical scandal: no wifi. no decent workstations. no ethernet cables for peops with laptops – in otherwords: everybody. i am offline! at an internet festival! constrained to using crapy pc s in smelly rooms. i dont get it…
es fatal. ¿what else? pieceoBlog – where you can hear me bitch and moan…

curious to see offf the day: design is kinky

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