album of the month 07/2004

meat beat manifesto: storm the studio r.m.x.s. - TNO2007-2meat beat manifesto: storm the studio r.m.x.s. – TNO2007-2

storm the studio was the first album ever released by meat beat manifesto back in 1989. by now it has become a classic as well as a rarity. but we can relax now: storm the studio has just been re-released. alongside storm the studios r.m.x.s. which contains 13 remixes by a funky array of producers: dj spooky, scanner, jonah sharp, the mellowtrones and more. i have often said that anything what says meat beat manifesto on the tin can be bought blindly and without a moments worth of hesitation. storm the studio r.m.x.s. makes even my well-meaning anticipatory credit [is there an english word for “vorschusslorbeeren”?] look pale.

actually let me slightly rephrase things. some tracks on this cd are of the most annoying electronica kind, like the sound of two blenders doing the nasty, in short, sounds you never ever want to expose your soft, cute earsies to. yet here, these aweful sounds come with a great bassline… which reminds the listener – just in time – that pre-blender this was in fact meat beat manifesto, where the bassline never fails to convince…
but then, omg, there are some badass pearls on here – no blenders in sight.
is it okay if i just mention the killer tracks? cease to exist, a collaboration between m.b.m. and d.h.s. [and my .-key did just break, r,i,p,,,], uses mobilephon sounds as rythmic elements; nothing new that, but here its done extremly well and its not only trying to get people to reach for the phons – that was funny maybe once.
storm the dub remixed by twilight circus dub sound system rumbles and farts on and on like a frighttrain on acid. bbboooooooohhhyyaaakaahhhh. ahhh, the bells and the bongos.
dj spooky‘s shadow and substance mix is kinda flat, me thinks, till that off-beat guitar riff gets dropped, and already we be throwin our clothes off and playing airguitar backwards on the floor. yeah, that good… hotdamn.
immediately afterwards jonah sharp‘s god o.d. kicks my other embarrassing music-listening-habit into gear: headbanging! oh lord, by now i sweat profusely. the bassline here is so delicious you want to eat it.
skip a few tracks and there’s the hit: we got the fear remixed by the opus [who he?]. haunting is too weak and too pathetic a word to describe these melodies. the world is a dark, annoying place and anger is a valid response. but anger is only a cover-up for the underlying fear. thanx for reminding me of all that in just one song… my saliva is drooling by now… need to go get a bite.
scanner‘s contribution comes with an awefully pretentious name, M.B.M. Re-Animator (Scanner: Kinder And Solace Mix), will it be blenders? *preventive earcoverage* but, oh good, it sounds nice’n’mellow, relaxing even after all this WOO and HUUHAAAHAAA.
right! kitchen! now! no blenders.

in the beginning there was jack and jack had a groove, and from this groove came the groove of all grooves.

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