me cago en la leche

just got back from spain, in geneva we were greeted with a hail storm. this was just ro remind us, hey guys, dont get too exited about life, its still cold, wet and depressing at home.

oh man, i totally hate this country. es fatal.

how anybody could decide to settle down in switzerland is beyond me.
or actually i do know and this is how it went. ready?

the story of how the swiss got stuck in this awful country

back in the days when things like these were decided a tribe of masochists made it into switzerland. after checking the place out the grumpy masochist tribe leader stood up in front of the group and said: “yo, listen up tribe, i promised you ugly, and i will give you ugly. but this place is too damn ugly even for a masochist. there is no way we can settle down here” but the masochists where already too depressed – from looking at this awful place – to hear their leader clearly. they did not decide to stay in switzerland, they were simply too depressed to move on. they did not decide to build houses, they had to, because it was so damn cold here. and so on.
and that was that… and they lived unhappily ever after.

of course spending time in sexy barcelona does not help much to make me enjoy living in switzerland.
the forum is very impressive. grand grand GRAND architecture! and some fantastic events and conferences. i highly recommend a visit. i will return there soon…

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