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“SEXY LIBERALS OF THE U.S. UNITE in taking back the government from the sexually repressed, right-wing, zealots in control! Everyone knows liberals are hotter than conservatives – we look hotter, we dress hotter, our ideas are hotter, and we are infinitely hotter in the sack. We must use this to our advantage – as one more weapon in a diverse arsenal to strip the conservatives of their power (by stripping them of their clothes first). ”


“I was recently made aware of the new online campaign video at georgewbush.com. It’s an impressive attempt at double bluff psychology, with one minor flaw. It’s rubbish. The film is made up from “borrowed” clips of entries to the moveon.org sponsored bushin30seconds contest, cut together with further clips of speeches by leading Democrats and liberals over the last 12 months. It occurs to me that if the Republican Party can use liberal productions to advertise their own cause, then I can do the same in return. Contained in this page is my “interpretation” of the Bush camp’s advert. I would love it if more of you would like to have a go yourselves, so why not download the original clip?”

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