offf-report by mushon @ pixelsurgeon

mushon zer-aviv wrote a great review for pixelsurgeon about the offf-festival in valencia. much more constructive than my angry blogs here, yet just as critical in a subtle way …
mushon, who’s talk about his own project the web is a living organism was – along with the hi-res! presentation – one of the two very inspiring highlights of the festival, manages to convey the atmosphere quite well in this maybe a bit lenghty report, by picking out some artists and describing their talks or their work.

me, i mostly just got pissed off about what i witnessed, but it may be generational. i just dont understand the “internet generations” laziness when it comes to discourse and critique. i see their coolness, their “whatever”-attitude, as merely an act of posing. i feel mostly fear lurking behind that act, a deep existential fear that leads them to an opportunism i can’t respect much. and whats confusing me even more is that their politics mostly are right on. with the heaps of talent this generation has to offer they could really move something…
but thats just me.
read mushon’s review, much much more constructive!!!!

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