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fingathing and the big red nebula band - GCLP127fingathing and the big red nebula bandGCLP127

ahhh fingathing. i am such the hugest fan…
and as ever when trying to write about my favorite things i get writer’s block.
i am afraid i might sound teary-eyed and pathetic. which i would… without fail.

so how about i take quotes from what other people have said about this great great GREAT *sniffie* [somebody stop me…] album and comment them…

instrumental hip-hop hasn’t sounded this good since ‘Endtroducing’. Whats more, where DJ Shadow can be gloomy, Fingathing twitch with energy.

tony naylor – NME

i am someone who never totally loved endtroducing, so to me the first part of this statement does not mean a whole lot. but i of course understand the symbolism of it, because endtroducing is often considered the best instrumental hiphop album ever.
me? i think its the other way around: i think fingathing have been smoking dj shadow’s ass for years already, and with this their latest album they leave him behind for good – on an abandoned planet full of ugly, boring, self-indulgent humans…
the second part of the quote is more to the point, me thinks. fingathing is way more cheeky and willing to take risks [AND less busy trying to look cool] than dj shadow ever was. dj shadow has some skills, no doubt, but fingathing have skill, musicality AND a great sense of humour and irony. plus they can switch from hilarious to melancholic in exactly 3 and a half beats, thanx to mr. cello, so theres even moments of neckhairraising gloom in their music…


However, before I expand on this, a friendly warning should be attached to this review. Now, I’ll write it slowly so you have time to control your breathing and not overreact, but this is a c.o.n.c.e.p.t. album…

Take a deep breath…

And…breath out slowly…

Okay? Still with me? There’s no need to worry, because this concept album is done with a wry sense of humour, and is a celebration, not a cynical arty take on the space theme.

sam gilbey @

he he… i am still holding my breath… funny thing is, i never knew that c.o.n.c.e.p.t. albums had such a bad reputation. at any rate i think fingathing and the big red nebula is a hilarious concept album. i mean just check the titles of some of the tracks: rock the whole planet – big bang – music to watch aliens by … the last one, music to watch aliens by, had me chuckling for days.

so thats all… i have not said much about the music, have i? its *fights back tears* great, no its *sniffie* fab …
buy this if you respect music!

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