stuff what happened this week

[not in any particular order]

:flash: caught “somebody” masturbating [after the fact! “somebody” had spilled oil – dont ask – and the next day i almost slipped from the oil on the floor – dont ask – and when i did ask, how the oil and stuff, “somebody” got all embarassed, ducking the question, like only “somebody” knows how]

:flash: maple sirup has got to be teh stickiest substance ever, hands down [i spilled a drink made of maple sirup, lemos juice and heaps of ice *teh niammieness* onto the floor – dont ask – tried to clean it immidiately afterwards – this was 4 days ago – well, 4 cleaning efforts later the floor is still sticky – and no masturbatory efforts involved here, i swear]

:flash: i walked away from a job interview [do you know how, when you look for an appartment you reject a prospective place instantly – in fact the second you walk into a place you know if you want or not – but out of politness you tend to still go through the motions, asking about washing machine schedules and backyard acces and on and on… well, with this job it was like that, and i decided not to waste my time going thru the motions. this is it friends! i am officially too old and too self-motivated to accept a shitty job]

:flash: we burned our first dvd [hah, torrenting – the next step. burn a dvd with the stolen goods. but believe me, on a mac this is quite an endeavor. first you need to find some way to change .avi movies to .mov, then you need iDvd, which has got to be the worst software ever, figure iDvd out, and it is 100% counter-intuitive, burn the sucker, and then pray that this particular dvd is in the 20% group that will actually mount in a dvd-player. but when you get to watch it, it has all been worth it]

:flash: finished beyond good & evil [okay, this is sort of embarrassing, but b g&e is a really cute game. you get to take fotos instead of shooting everything that moves, the riddles are fun and not too hard, the hovercraft is supersexy. i loved it!]

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