valentine’s day special -2

yesterday i found an article with a highly promising title on a camboy website – the title made me laugh: how to eat pussy like a pro. i can’t really say why i found this so funny, but well, i guess what tickeled me was this notion of a professional pussy-eater.

now there’s a career opportunity, that i had not considered so far …

pieceoplastic; pro. pussy-eater phd

uhh sounds good!!! i think i am going pro…

but with valentine’s day coming up, let’s see what it says in
the article

[this is how we pro’s do it, watch and learn]
if you’re going to go down on a woman, don’t just do it do it right.
don’t just yank down her cute little panties and have at it.
don’t just lie and lick; stroke her thighs or hold her around her legs
don’t act like you’re doing her a big favor or you’re disgusted by the act. If that’s how you feel, you don’t deserve to be close to female genitalia.
women should know: oral sex givers have different preferences, but many like to find that they won’t come away with a mouthful of overgrown pubes.

the future? an academy of oral sex givers?

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