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bruno manser is [or was?] a swiss man, who from 1984-1990 went to live in the jungle of borneo with the nomadic penan people. totally adapted to their lifestyle he lived with them in the rainforest and documented their way of living as well as their struggle to protect their ressources from the logging industry.
bruno manser was soon considered an organiser and trouble maker by the malaysian government and was put onto a most-wanted list [with $50’000.- reward on his head].
in 1990 manser escaped to switzerland, where he started to inform “the west” about this issue.
in the year 2000 he returned to borneo and has been missing ever since. in a few months he will officially be declared dead…

may of this year his diaries have been published [only in german at this point]. 4 books full of drawings and descriptions, simply amazing…

bruno with penan people

[img src: bruno-manser-fonds]

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