dollboy – plans for a modern city

the postman usually only brings crap. bills, commercials and other spam on paper.
not so yesterday… i received something in the mail from the brummie dubby different drummer label… its always fab to get their music, but dollboy is especially cool.
“where did this one come from? floating down from one of last summer’s brilliant blue skies? sliding in from a parallel dimension?” they ask on the liner notes. good point… this is so … errr… different, fresh, new; i am sure i have never heard sumink like it… ambient played with actual instruments? pedal steel guitars, harmonica, trumpets, piano…
in some ways its so not a summer release, yet it totally is… [especially in this sad ass of a summer] bombahstic!

dollboy – plans for a modern city DIFCD 28
teasers: cymbaline & celesta & splash

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