street parade: voyeurs paradise

street parade in zurich today. a few years ago i might have actually gone. and i did use the word “might”. i almost never actually went, something always came up. the one time i did go, maybe 6 years ago, i left after a few hours irritated, frustrated, hot, dehydrated, trance[music]d out and with a camera full of slightly sneaky photos of sexy raver chicks… oh, shame…
but actually i think the street parade is a perfect match between people living out their exhibitionistic tendencies and others their voyeuristic ones. its consensual.

these days i might watch it on tv! for maybe 15 minutes. my voyeuristic tendencies will be amply satisfied, i can turn the sound down (or off) and i’ll switch it off and be done with it. no traveling home in trains full of bombed out, post-peaking, smelly ravers. no garbage heaps. no urine smells. no watergun-crazy kids. no ravers with whistles.

at any rate, these days i much prefer watching my gorgeous wife walking around our flat wearing only panties. if that…

edit: i was couch-raving for 5 minutes only and already it was too damn boring. what a waste of my time… i switch back and forth between finding it ridiculous and embarassing. the only thing worth watching are the drag-queens. some of their outfits are truely amazing.

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