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these days i am working on a website for a local politician and, to say it mildly, it’s quite a struggle.
the thing is, with this politician being all politically correct and all, the website has to meet the barrier-free guidelines insuring internet access for the visually impaired.
meaning: no javascripts, no tables (or as few of them as possible), the layout mostly CSS driven, relative typeface (in % or em), strong contrasts etc.
i actually quite enjoy the challenge, and it all went surprisingly well …

if there wasn’t an odd browser called InternetExplorer produced by a company with the strange and ugly name microsoft and if this bloody browser was not the most widely distributed one thanx to microsoft costum installing it with windows.

I HATE MICROSOFT. i always have. but working on this project has increased my hatred of all things microsoft in general and the InternetExplorer (IE) in particular about 12345 square million times.

these last weeks this has been my reality: when i test the website it usually works like butter on safari (the darling of browsers), it works perfect on mozilla (the good buddy of browsers), but it does NOT work on IE (the painintheass of browsers).
CSS is simply interpreted differently on IE, thank you very much… microsoft-we-make-the-law style. i should sue them for the time i had to waste trying to make things work on their uglyass browser. i really should…

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