bootlegs with a cause

:flash: who cares about windows security updates, service packs, windows in general, right?
well, things just got interesting. microsoft is forced to offer their latest service pack via limited download servers and have picked up that fact to prove that intelligent p2p systems like bittorrent, with their distributed resource logic, will help to get datafiles out there in much easier ways that are way less taxing to a single server… i would not touch anything windows with a 5 foot pole, but this is good!
Download Windows XP Service Pack 2

:flash: blur: parkspliced is a follow-up project to the very succesful the clash: london booted
users are asked to make a donation to a charity before downloading the music [the clash: future forrests – blur: amnesty intrenational]. has bootleg culture discovered the smart twist to justify itself? i mean, who could object to such a noble cause?

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