somebody could have told me, man

a few months ago i got all exited while snooping around amazon. i found out that chuck palahniuk, whose name i now can spell without having to double-check – and who, hell yes, is one of my favorite writers – will be publishing not 1 but 2 books this year.
thats right TWO.
i of course pre-ordered both of them that very instant.
one of them was set to be released in june, and got here soon after – its wolfed down already; the other was to be released in early august and it came in the post yesterday.

well guess what… its the same book!
different title – one is called stranger than fiction the other nonfiction – same book.
i guess its an american vs british release issue.
but man, somebody should have told me, mannnn…
well, i finally have found one argument why online book shopping is worse than rl book shooping: a real sales person in a real book store might have pointed this out to me, i assume… or at least leafing through the real book would have…

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