i was a dj

i was a dj.

what a way to start a blog. i mean, i used to be a dj. used to be. what does that mean even? is being a dj a label we can give ourselves? an identifying force? something someone is for awhile and then is not anymore? something you switch on and off. now i am a dj. now i am not.

let me rephrase it. a few years ago i stopped being a dj. nah, too awkward. i think my tongue just broke.

i could say, my 15 minutes of local fame as a dj are over. but would that sound too regretful, maybe?

at any rate, i am not a dj anymore. meaning i do no longer perform my skill of selecting and mixing music in front of people. but at this point i am not even a bedroom dj. for awhile i used to still dj at home. create mix-tapes. jam out. not anymore. in fact the reason i bring it up is because i am surprised about how little music means to me these days.

music used to be my life. i used to always read up on, check out, buy and at home work with music. it used to be my main thing. now i almost completely lost interest. i sit in a room stuffed full of records, a huge mess, thousands of them piling up, but i never put one on. i still download music. out of habit. but i just collect it and i hardly ever listen to it later.

i went from one extreme to the other. from a life dedicated to music to a life almost free of music. the only place i still listen to music, very loud please, is in my car. cars and music are a match made in heaven. driving without music is boring, empty. but hey, i almost never drive my car. its just sitting there collecting spider-webs.

so in cars, yes, but at home? i much prefer my quiet. to be able to concentrate on my projects. my blogs. my coding. my writing. my photoshopperies. i perceive music more like an irritation these days.

i have always been an extreme person. for some reason that circle jerk song comes to mind.
i was a hippe, i was a burn-out, i was a punker, [i was a dj], i was sooooo wasted…
i just googled it and this is totally not how that song went, he he. memory playing tricks on me. hippie [check] punk [check] dj [check]. over and done with.

sometimes i think this is more of a problem for other people. they dont know how to deal with me anymore. the label dj has to be somehow erased and be replaced with … what?

i am a peace & love agent

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