ridiculous sports

the great thing about the summer olympics is that i get to see all my favorites of the most ridiculous sports on tv; well, almost all of them…
[like, where is cricket, dude? – who actually decides which sport make it to the olympics? you! we want cricket! – and curling – men and women screaming at eachother on ice – is part of the winter olympics :-(]
sport of strongmenwildwater canoeribbonssynchro divingsync swim

weightlifting: apparently this is “the sport of strongmen” [and what about the strongwomen, yeah?]. if you want to find out what the differences in technique between the snatch and clean and jerk are – and these are their actual names uhuhm – you must watch this animation on the official athens2004 website. [pheew, i finally understand the difference in colors of the weights…]

canoe slalom racing: in german they actually call this by its rightful name: wildwasser kanu = wildwater canoeing. the ridiculous thing about it is that they build an artificial wildwater stadium to simulate a wildwater river setting. now in athens the “rocks” are made from colored plastic. just think how this park will be used later on. will people come and have picnics next to the wildriver with the blue plastic rocks?

gymnastics rythmic: “Gymnastics Rhythmic is performed exclusively by women and is a combination of gymnastics and dance. The gymnasts perform choreographed movements with musical accompaniment using hand apparatus such as Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs and a Ribbon.” thats right. a ribbon! and i rest my case…

synchronised diving: again the official website animation is sort of instructive … err … basically its two men or women jumping of the board in exact unison. the divers have the most surprising bodies, they are extremly well sculpted yet most of them approach the board with a masochist slump. and for some reason the chinese dominate the scene…

synchronised swimming: the classic! and still good for a chuckle. actually we often have our own synchronised swimming competitions while swimming in the river. you should check it out some time… the animation is hilarious again… the sweetwater sirens! did you know they had a position called the baracuda? uhhhhh
sync swimming

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