can i please link to you? puuuhlllease

apparently my links to the athens website in yesterdays blog were illegal. i should have asked for their permission in writing…

you what?
August 17: Words to describe the utter ridiculousness of the Athens Olympics policy on linking to its site escape me. ‘For your protection and ours’, apparently, anyone wishing to link to the Athens 2004 official site must mail (yes, that’s snail mail folks) a letter to the Internet Department providing a ‘short description of site, reason for linking, unique URL containing the link (if no unique URL then just the main URL), publishing period, contact point (e-mail address)’. What is this ‘e-mail’ of which they speak? (My linking request is, um, in the post, okay?)

how silly is that? what next… [my letter is in the mail as well, okay?]

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