hardly olympic

oh i agree, its that lame to make fun of foreign names: 100%.
but i cant help it, some of these names are just so begging for it:

greek diver: ethichya pappa papav/lou
[somebody definitely screwed up sumink here…]
german swimmer: antje buschschulte
[please check carefully this: is your tongue still there?]
british swimmer: katy sexton
[i am 100% sure only i find this funny. but hey, sex by the ton. i say, hell yeah]
hungarian [i think] hammer thrower: adrian annus
[lets just hope he wont hammer it in there…]
chinese diver: peng bo
[gotta love the chinese calling their [only] children peng]

and germanspeakers might appreciate:

australische bitch beach volley spielerin: summer lochowitz
[das sommerloch war zwar kein witz]
deutsches bitch beach volley paar: lahme/musch
[koennten sie sich nicht wenigstens musch/lahme schreiben?]
spanische dressur reiterin: beatriz ferrer-salat
[ist ferrer die marke der sauce?]

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