mountains of vinyl

yesterday i went to a vinyl fair and bought a the leather nun double lp [and yes fist fuckers ass. is on there!] for *hold your breath* 3 swiss francs [2 euros/dollars] and the cabaret voltaire lp red mecca for 5 swiss francs [ 3 euros/dollars] plus a few other records that i am too embarrassed to mention… 4 records total – all of them in mint condition – except for the grace jones one – *argh* i blabbered – and i spent maybe 13 swiss francs [8 euros/dollars] in total. so really cheap good quality stuff. a rare thing these days.
but then i also saw “should i stay or should i go” by the clash on a lousy 7″ priced at 30 swiss francs… and whats worth, it had a huge levi’s jeans logo onnit and had clearly been used in their commercials sometime and then released as a single…
the clash doing levi’s commercials? joe, r.i.p., wtf was that?
this all @ fete du disque in venthone, vs @ the vinyl fair.

in other news: for a great start into the week listen to the best voice-over ever by the one and only raymi the minx [the stream-of-conciousness poet]: imagine [you are not the only one!]

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