album of the month 09/04


there isnt one.

sorry about that.

its not like i did not try. this month i “got” several new albums. through various sources.
some of them are quite nice. but none of them good enough to make album of the month. uhhh. picky selectah.

beasties boys: to the 5 burroughs
(still the boys still cant rap for shit. still the music is very funky. [damn, check out those basslines!] and still mixmaster mike has got to be the only dj that gets me air-dj-ing. but rewind to point 1)

the roots: the tipping point
(another wonderful album. yet it lacks the genius of their last album. see… thats what you get for making such a great previous album. let this be a lesson)

dollboy: plans for a modern city
(another amazing record from different drummer. but i already blogged it here. and for some strange reason i cant seem to make myself listen through all of it more than once)

so for all intents and purposes fingathing and the big red nebula band is still the album of the month. it was held over.
listen to this: me and my wife we had a huge fight over it. dont ask. it was silly. and you know how certain emotional memories can taint certain music forever. there are quite a few records i cant listen too because of the emotional flash backs they trigger. but fingathing and the big red nebula band even made it through that potential blow. i still lurffff it.
plus: i cant remember when i last listened to an album that often. i think it had to be something by the clash…
and with that i rest my case.

read the whole review here

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