nyc protests cynical republicans

bush just had to do it. the republican party just had to bully.
it was received as an almost cynical decision to hold the republican national convention in new york city, where 4 out of 5 registered voters are democrats. new york city, traditionally one of the strongholds of the democrats.
it was meant as a manifestation of their supremacy, a blatent try to use the tragic memory of 9/11 in their favor.
but that provocative decision could backfire, dubya. the protests will be fierce, and very well organised.
[but maybe thats the big plan here, see bellow…]
gosh i wish i could be in new york this next week…

nyprotesters websites:

and there’s a shared moblog set up @
send emails to rnc [at] moport [dot] org.
the shared moblog will go public sunday august 29th. here’s a teaser:

these protests could get extremly violent, the confrontation will be so immediate.
but some people point out that violent protests could have a contrary effect:

With Kerry taking a moderate stance on the war, these demonstrations have little, if anything, to do with the Democratic party. None the less, many believe that whoever is responsible, a rash of violence so close to the election will once again benefit the Republicans. “If I were a voice in top Republican circles, I might be offering this advice: ‘What we need for New York is a large-scale riot,’ ” wrote Norman Mailer in New York magazine recently, in a public written exchange with his son. “I don’t have a great deal of hope that most of the people involved are really thinking of this election so much as expressing the need to vent, to gain some self-therapy.”

[from the guardian]

in other news:, unter the pseudonym the integral, a man who supposedly is an influential congressional staffer, has published a cd of electro-remixes of campaign songs from the last 20 years. wtf? oh the glorious digital lifestyle.

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