this is my official olympic crush list; and the medals go to:

gold: blanka vlasic, croatia (high jump)
silver: jade johnson, uk (long jump)
bronce: muna lee, usa (200 m)
leather: ivet lalova, bulgaria (400m i think)
chocolate: kerri walsh, usa (bitch beach volley)
latex: still open… (suggestions welcome)


[and before you call me a sexist: i know from honest sources, that many women enjoy checking out athletes bodies]

and this is cruel, yet very funny [i mean did she have to do it twice?]:

* An Open Letter To Paula Radcliffe: “Dear Paula, We, the English nation, feel your pain and disappointment almost as acutely as you do. But the fact remains, you have brought shame on yourself and us. It is important to keep a sense of perspective about sporting events. But, by not being the best runner, you have negated not only the concept of ‘perspective’, but also honour and morality. If you had even the slightest sense of decency, there would only be one word on your mind: suicide…”

[from: the friday update]

lets call this image gymnasty

and this one surprise

remains only one question unsolved, what will i do next week?

edit: oh and i almost forgot: if i hear this fucking zorba the greek sirtaki one more time i. will. scream.

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