stuff what spidy tought us

spidyoh spidy. such a tough fellah. and you should see the spiderweb now. its a porsche of a spiderweb. and my car is a renault. my car looks shabby next to it. i still dont know how i should break this to spidy.

but thats not all. spidy is teaching me things.

like, we all know how spiders react to movement in their spiderweb. they think an insect got caught and is kicking it. so they creep out of their hiding place with their long ass legsies and check/storage/eat what got caught.
well guess what, spidy stopped. every time i used to drive my car – which obviously is the time when i observe spidy – the spiderweb started moving from the drive wind. spidy used to fall for it and come out of his hiding space – inside the rearview mirror – to get caught struggling with the strong drift. but not anymore. spidy has learned that movement does not equal movement. smart spidy.
(to be honest, i was slightly surprised back when spidy did come out. i mean, that was very optimistic. what did spidy think got caught in the web, what could move it that much? a bird?)

like, have you ever observed how a spider will check out the things that got caught in its web and how it flicks away things that are not food. that movement – the flick – is magic. its a gesture of contempt, of routine, of craftiness. it expresses so much emotion. i am convinced spiders are the inventors of the elegant fuck-you gesture. cool spidy.

sometimes i think about putting some “food” in its web. i should, no? what does it like most? wasps? flies? bugs? none of the above? lets test this…

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