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“I’ll throw the damned rearview mirror out of the damned window because I don’t want to know where I’ve come from, but where I’m going,? Frank Lloyd Wright, the American architect, is reputed to have said once in the ‘30s, and indeed he did actually break off the car’s rearview mirror and throw it out of the window. A brilliant anecdote. But that was before the Holocaust, Hiroshima and Vietnam, before the first flight to the moon, before Chernobyl, before 9/11 and the Iraq War, before the discovery of the DNA double helix, Dolly the cloned sheep, and the deciphering and patenting of the entire genome, before the development of the transistor, the age of digital simulations, the development of the Internet and the triumphal advance of cell phones and computer games… That’s quite a lot of future reflecting in our rearview mirror. But what lies ahead of us?

[introduction from the official festival statement]
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well, i cant tell you yet what lies ahead of us. but i sure as hell know what lies ahead of me. 14 hours of train as i am making my way all the way to linz. slowly. i am prolly right about now bitchin and moanin with self-pity [if not quite yet screamin and yellin with disgust]. lame train.
but hey, i’ll let you know as soon as i found out what lies ahead of us. promised. i swear. no prob.

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