ars timeshift
not much yet.
the elevator at my hotel howls like a wolf. every 2 minutes. all night long…
things are picking up slowly. the conference will only really kick off tomorrow and i am starting to think that i might have come a day early.
now, in every other place this would be a good thing. find your way around. check out local pussy. get a feel for place. organise drugs.
but not linz. linz gets me every time.
teh fuglyness!
i think this part of austria is where white trash originally came from. they are the true inventors. they are the patent holders. they invented it long before it moved to the trailer parks in the us of a.
on the trainride yesterday a group of teenagers talked for 2 1/2 (!) hours about mc donalds food. another group was wearing braids and bob marley tshirts. then they started to drunkenly sing knock knock knocking on heavens door.
yeah dylan.
yeah alcohol.
there are tons of japanese around town wearing festival passes. and the new media dept. of the english college ravensbourne had their “opening party” last night. you can check some of the picts at my moblog

ars timeshift

just got done walking through this years cyberarts prix arts electronica exhibition at ok center and i must say i am quite exited. this just a quick first impression: the art seems to be much less about interface, but much better presented.

barbara musil (a) has built customised car alarms into people’s cars. on show is a car that starts playing “i’m too sexy for this car” when you touch it.
another artist called ken rinaldo (usa) has put vietnamese (?) siamese fighting fish, and these fish would fight eachother to death if left in the same bowl, into separate bowls, that they can move around in a given space via a light interface. he calls it an interspecies installation. fish meets robot. he calls this augmented fish reality.
the most impressive piece is by mark hansen/ben rubin and it uses rows of led-displays to project words generated in real time from internet chat rooms and forums. the search terms and its results are quite simple, i like …, i am …, i love …, but the way they are projected and read out loud by computer voice in surround sound is quite impressive…
but its hard to describe, you had to be there…
some images here

ars timeshift

please check my moblog for images…

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