ar5_3l3etc.day03: bruce sterling a hypnotist?

ars timeshift

:flash: i am pinned now. a group of artists is handing out 1000 small pins. pins equipped with micro computers that will start to communicate among eachother via infrared. whenever i meet another person wearing such a pin, my pin will register the encounter, and the next time i walk by the mother node it will download this data and start to create patterns, networks, nodes… quite cool. its just too bad it does not communicate via bluetooth. infrared is weak, man… imagine the patterns that could emerge in hotels and trains and from random encounters in the city… but i guess bluetooth would have been too expensive.

:flash: for tonite i have an appointment to go into the think tank on the main square – another amazing project, in my opinion. there are two tanks filled with water at 32° C. people get to go in wearing an oxygen mask equipped with a microphone and headphones. once inside they are totally isolated from the worldn – like free floating in water, dude – and only able to communicate with the person in the other tank. in the end they are asked to write down some of the thoughts they had.
me? i am kinda nervous because slightly claustrophobic. i just hope its not gonna be a sink tank.

:flash: bruce sterling is a trip, man. an almost cynical almost rambling almost maniac. who will go on and on. in extralarge texan drawl. almost putting you to sleep. till you almost miss the fine point he is about to make. his mixture of arrogance and sharp comment presented poetry style, and with an unimitable sing song, sure generated a great amount of laughs. afterwards, i shake my head, and i notice that i can’t even really reproduce what he just talked about. yet something sunk in because i still chuckle. it was subliminal i believe.
is bruce sterling a hypnotist?
all objects in the world all gizmos and gadgets need their own email adresses. anything that has the potential to kill a child should at least have an email address. the future is already here, its just not well distributed yet. the spimes are coming | the spimes are coming…

it is the business of the future to be dangerous.

peter whitehead

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