@ ar5: joi ito speaks …

… i am speechless. again. same as a few years ago. such a wonderful optimistic view.
joi ito is actually who inspired me to start blogging! let this be said.
in the catalogue they annnounced joi ito as the “star blogger”.
so when i saw him in the hallway i said: “oh, the star blogger…”
he laughed out loud and started saying “i didn’t…”
no need to say more.

joi speaks about the fragile positions monopolies are in these days. monopolies try to convey that you are happier as a passive consumer. but people can create their own content easier and easier, be it via blogs, be it using acid or garage with music. and people are getting so good at it.
they are what’s called pro am’s. these are high scale amateurs that are starting to surpass low scale professionals… and: people want to freely distribute their content. the huge come-down on filesharing is the monopolies trying to bully users into submission. but intimidation is not gonna work. people will only use the monopolies as long as they have to. as soon as there are alternatives they will switch. crucial times for that.
to illustrate this further he shows the bush jokes video and the atmo.se video with the bush and blair love duet…
i am trying to find a smart critical thing i can say about this speech. but no, this guy is wonderful… thanx for the inspiration, mr star blogger!

ps: i am curious to see if joi finds this. in his talk he claimed he would…

please check my moblog for images…

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