ar5_3l3etc…_040404: killing and huging

ars timeshift

:flash: dude, last night i found out that i could still pass for a pizza delivery guy… and i think thats a good thing.
i came home to my hotel carrying a pizza box and told the guy my room number (sexy girls in the neighborhood. please take note. hotel sommerhaus), room 1239, please. the desk clerk immediately turned to the phone and started to dial my room. it took me a moment to sink in… yeah that… he he

:flash: bruce sterling has commented on my blog. joi ito not. yet… just goes to show. errr. i dont know what it actually does show but uhm… catch my drifteee
btw. have you seen? bruce sterling, who from now on shall be refered to as my 6th reader, is featuring a shoes in linz special on his blog! very funny. he started this after josh on’s talk on wednesday during which josh had aked a group of people to lign up according to who’s shoes they prefer. image here. they were asked to put their hand onto the guys shoulders who wears the coolest shoes. after inspecting the other guys shoes one guy put both his hands onto his own shoulders.

:flash: during yesterdays morning session of the symposium there was a guy wearing a gta vice city t-shirt sitting right in front of me. image here. i asked him about it. he said he was a journalist from spain and that sometimes people sent him nice stuff… anyway, the panel was sort of boring … errr … at least as i recall. either that or i was too tired or had reached my internal of information absorbtion threshold. but it was morning, so… anyway, in the end two of the speakers, sherryl turkle and geetah narayanan, started to do some game bashing. you know. *wave warning finger in air* the terrible things games do to kids. i etched the gta vice city tshirt guy to say something. he turned back to me and said, you know, i do have an answer to that … [— insert rethoric pause here —] hugging is better in real life – gaming is better in games. and with that he walked up towards the front of the lecture hall. i think he wanted to say it. but he didn’t after all.

:flash: oh, and marvin minksy from MIT AI lab talked via video conference. in my opinion this guy suffers from what in german we call “altersradikalitaet”, and i dont know if there is an english equivalent for this. it describes that stubborn almost desperate radicalness elderly people sometimes get into when expressing their viewpoints. minksy in two and half sentences did away with soul, culture, carl jung and jungians. some people even clapped. others did not.

my goal is to build a machine that will be proud of me.

unknown computer scientist quoted by sherryl turkle, MIT

in the future half the world will be busy reporting on the other half.

the more they know about you the less you exist.

marshall mcluhan quoted by derrick de kerckhove, mcluhan program, university of toronto

nobody designs a dystopia. they design an utopia. then it becomes a dystopia.

stewart brand, the long now foundation

please check my moblog for images…

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