it’s of course tragic, what happend in the club in chicago, but i somehow can’t ignore how symbolic and even a little ironic it all was… the choreography of it was just so perfect in an eerie way, if this tragedy had not been written by real-life, one could easily imagine this as a storyline out of a book or even a movie.

it all happend in a club called epitomy [!] on a sunday [!] night.
[why the hell are there 1’500 people clubbing on a sunday night? president’s [!] day the next day = national holiday]
then the starting point of the tragedy was a simple fight, a cat-fight to be more presice, the motive: jealousy.
then the smart-as-hell security dude uses tear-gas [!] to seperate the fight.
then everybody immediately thinks it’s a terrorist gas attack, and who can blame them, living in the US, exposed to a media diet of misinformation and paranoia.
then most of the emergency exits are locked.
and then the panicked clubbers trample each other to death trying to save their asses …
and the chief of fire department’s name is james joyce [!]

i don’t know

the disturbing logic of it all is just too surprising, one thing leading to the next as if scripted by some dark fantasy. this could only have happened in the us of a, in these times, under these exact circumstances.
yet if it is symbolic, as i implied in the beginning, will the people concerned, the media creating this paranoid climate and the us government making it necessary, be able to read the signs???

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