darwin’s mix – last.fm – theregular – blag

:flash: darwin liked my mix, so i like his: dont think too muchtracklist [so teh loyal!]

:flash: last.fm pieceoplastic broadcast

:flash: downhill battle launches “slashdot for politics – theregular” [via boinboing]

:flash: with all the troubles i have had with mac os x panther over these last few weeks, i want i need i must have a linux live cd like knoppix. a stand-alone linux system that boots from your cd-drive. perfect for trouble shooting with a fully functional system including browers and terminal etc.
but it seems hard to find a mac version that works. rocklinux has one, but i am still downloading it. this guy wrote a mac version of knoppix, but its not booting on my macs. the gentoo version does boot, but with a very very basic set-up. on this list there are a number of live cd’s that should boot on mac, but when you check some of them dont seem to fit the bill.

:flash: i also found this excellent linux version called blag with anarcho black stars and all. http://www.blagblagblag.org/. maybe its time to switch to linux???

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